Readers’ Testimonials

  • Using his MTO™ system, you can always have some level of success, and often it is the Outrageous success of your dreams! I was personally so impressed with this system that I have implemented it in my own office. My staff at Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises and Self – Esteem Seminars now use it, and each month we all set our goals using Raymond’s unique goal – setting forms.


    Jack Canfield
    Chicken Soup for the Soul®
    and The Success Principles™

  • Most of us have heard that people who write their goals are most successful than those who do not. There is a teacher named Raymond Aaron who teaches subjects such as sales, goal setting and doubling your income. While these are subject taught by many people, I recommend his work simply because he has some fascinating insights into these important issues. Insights that can help you achieve more of what you want. I thank Raymond Aaron and his teachings on goal-setting for helping me achieve more with less stress.

    Robert Kiyosaki
    New York Times #1 Best selling Author
    Rich Dad Poor Dad


    Raymond is the Master at teaching you how to achieve your own goals, especially by ensuring that you are powerfully invoking The Law of Attraction.



    Bob Proctor
    International Bestselling Author
    You Were Born Rich


    Raymond’s groundbreaking technology of goal-setting and goal-attainment is the first truly new material on this subject in many years. It is a unique approach that will skyrocket your ability to achieve your own goals.



    Dr. John Gray, Ph.D
    New York Times #1 Best selling Author
    Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

  • Raymond Aaron has spent his life discovering the secrets of how to create whatever you want in life. Raymond, unlike many authors, actually is a real-life expert and example of what he writes. If you follow his easy-to-use roadmap, you literally cannot fail. This book is for anyone who wants to take the reins of life and create prosperity, happiness and inner peace.

    Bill Harris
    Bestselling Author
    Thresholds of the Mind


    Raymond has a remarkable ability to take the often-taught subject of goals and make it refreshing and brand new. His processes truly work. His volumes of success stories from loyal clients around the world are the best testament to the brilliance of his process.



    John Assaraf
    New York Times Bestselling Author
    Having It All


    Raymond’s goal attainment techniques are revolutionary. No one teaches the powerful processes he has developed. They really work!




    Marci Shimoff
    New York Times #1 Bestselling Author
    Happy For No Reason


    Read this book, and take control of your life.



    Robin Sharma
    International Bestselling Author
    The Monk who sold his Ferrari

  • I have been working with Raymond’s system for six months, and have already easily doubled my income. And, as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t even started. Because of Raymond’s teachings, I have stepped through a door of endless possibilities. I am eternally grateful.

    Ricke Verigin

  • Raymond Aaron has helped me laser focus in on my passions, enabling me to make the transition from employee to running my own busy event coordinating company. I’ve learned to design systems to keep my house, finances, and time in order; recognize fear and not allow it to immobilize my actions; set big goals and conquer them with a step-by-step plan. I have steadily gained more confidence in my own abilities through Raymond’s encouragements. His passion and insight have inspired me to achieve more, and share more with others. The most important skill I’ve learned is to do what I love, and delegate the rest. These goal-setting skills have made a huge change to the way I live and view the world.

    Alice Zhou
    Event Coordinator